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Fruit & Veggie Bowl Custom

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Wide not too deep basket, perfect for holding fruits, veggies, or what ever else you like to have out on the counter!

Hand dyed using plant material.  

This rope bowl is made to order just for you!   Choose the colour of the rope & the hemp accent you would like ( also dyed with plants.) 

You will recieve a small card with the name of any plants used in the dyeing of your basket!

Madder Red - Dyed with Madder Root (Rubia tinctoria )  A herbaceous, perennial, climbing vine in the bedstraw family.

Madder Root Purple - Dyed with madder root with an added iron mordant.

Osage Orange Yellow - Dyed with the wood chip from Osage Orange (Maclura pomifera)  

Olive Green - Dyed with Osage Orange wood chip, with an iron mordant, which shifts the yellow to a darker green.

Grey -  Dyed with Staghorn Sumac (Rhus typhina) leaves or berries, that I collect through out the growing season.

Walnut Brown- Dyed with the fruit from Eastern Black Walnut Tree (Juglans nigra) I collect the whole nut to make dye with.  

Check out my blog to learn more about some of the dye process.

Made with Canadian made cotton rope. 


First, choose from the drop down menu, the plant dyed coloured rope you would like. 

2.  During checkout  tell me which colour of hemp you would like in your basket in the special instructions box.  For the small ring bowl I add one piece of accent hemp.  

Colours of hand dyed hemp available-

yellows, reds, purples, grey, blues, white, light green, dark green, pink. 

If you are looking for a colour that isnt listed please feel free to contact me & let me know what you are hoping for!

Please allow 2 weeks to ship. This is a custom sewn piece. If I have the dyed rope in stock it will be much quicker. I will give you a a specific time frame when your order is placed.  Email or text me if you would like to know before ordering. 




4 Inches tall

11 inches wide at top

8 inch base