Most of the items I make are made with Hemp/Organic cotton fabrics.  All fabrics are prewashed and pre shrunk. 


The hemp plant yields extremely long fibers, which produce a fabric that is much stronger and more versatile than other fabrics. Hemp also breathes and wicks moisture better than cotton. Hemp fiber is an efficient insulator keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. It is also highly regarded for UV protection.

Hemp grows from hemp seed to mature plant in 90-140 days. It is an environmentally friendly product that requires no chemicals to grow. Industrial hemp can be used to make textiles, food, cosmetics, plastics, building material and fuel.

Growing hemp requires no herbicides or pesticides making it an extremely environmentally friendly crop. Hemp crops actually nourish the soil in which it is grown leaving nutrient rich farmland for rotation crops.

 I am a tactile person. The feeling of fabric made from hemp, feel sturdy, natural. I have been working with hemp/organic cottons for the past 17 years. I have never been disappointed.


The cord I use for the Rope Vessels is 100% unfinished cotton cord, manufactured  in Canada. I hand dye all the cord in small batches, using a variety of plants.

.plant dyed cotton rope