About Me

julia smiling, holding up two fingers in a peace sign.


Im Julia, the textile artist, I create eco friendly, works of functional art.

During the last 20 years I have played with marking cloth in various ways using various mediums,

More recently the work I create is born from the desire & curiosity to be immersed in the natural world and to continue experiencing moments of awe & delight.  Using natural dyes fills that desire.

Beyond finished products & raw materials, I offer my findings in workshop form. Sharing the art of eco printing & dyeing.

I create from my home studio in Guelph. You can find me under piles of leaves, dried flowers, & fabric,  along with 3 kids, 2 cats and a dog.  

     a photo of two feet, in winter boots, standing beside a heart shaped rocck and a large rusty chain, that is bbeing taken home to use for cloth marking.  wild heart, stayed put for others joy.

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