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Born in 1979 in Toronto Canada, first generation Canadian,  I grew up surrounded by the women and men in my family making beautiful functional works of art. As a teenager I began playing with colour, experimenting with dyes and printing. Making my own bright and bold fabrics, that I would then sew into wearable pieces of art.   Being constantly curious, I was led to working with plants and other natural materials. Ethically foraging local plants for dye, I began experimenting with plants and minerals to create unique, naturally dyed fabrics. Textile hand work has always been a natural mindfulness practice for me. Even before I had ever stepped foot into a yoga class. The peace and calm that is present while creating is something that keeps me creating, working with my hands, textiles, painting, gardening, Immersed in slow art.

I began a formal yoga and mindfulness practice in my 20’s. finding that same peace and calm as I found while creating art. I have been teaching since 2014, offering mindful yoga classes, always through a trauma informed lens. To find out more about my yoga offerings click here