About Me

I'm Julia, the human behind what you see here.

I am a lover of plants. Dye Plants, Wild plants, Local Plants, Food Plants, House Plants.

I have spent many years sewing, printing, dyeing fabric in an array of different techniques and styles.  I taught myself to sew when I was 16 on a neighbours sewing machine, and learned dye techniques from borrowed books, and lots of trial and error.   

Im first generation Canadian. My father and his family came from Italy to Canada when he was a child, and my mother came to Canada from Wales, to work as a nanny. They met in Toronto, and my mother never left. They are both deeply creative and raised my brother and I  with that lens. 

I grew up in Toronto in an apartment building, but my grandparents lived in a house close by that they transformed into a huge urban farm.  I adopted my love of growing food and making from spending so much time with them.  

I dislike grass. I will dig it up and make a food & flower garden where ever I live.  

I am a mother of 3 beautiful human beings who have been the biggest inspiration in all I do. The 4 of us live together in a small house, with our puppy, 2 cats and a rat named Remi.

I teach yoga through a trauma informed lens. I have been practicing Yoga regularly since my early 20's , & teaching for the past 6 years. I teach in recovery centers, youth groups, with seniors and anywhere else people want to gather and practice together. 

Im a coffee lover. I grew up drinking café au lait with my grandparents, and its still my morning beverage of choice!

Vanilla is my favorite flavour. In everything. Its underappreciated for such a complex plant.

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