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Eco Dyed Hemp Fabric Scraps

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Hand dyed hemp/ organic cotton fabric scraps. A variety of sizes and colours.

227 gram (1/2 pound) bundles. 

All pieces are hand dyed with various plants. ( see photo with names to see which colour are dyed with what)  These bundles are left overs, nothing wrong with them, just the remaining pieces after I have cut out the pieces I use to create the sewn items in my shop. 

I have cut all the scraps into different sized rectangle and squares. All the pieces are usable, no square pieces are smaller than 5inch x 5 inch.  

The pieces are all either hemp/organic cotton canvas or a medium weight hemp muslin. 

These bundles would be perfect to use for quilts, patchwork projects, embroidery, smaller sewing projects. 

PLEASE NOTEThe bundle you get will be a surprise. It will contain a variety of colours, some solid and some pattern dyed pieces, some leaf print.  The sizes will differ, Each bundle weighs approx. 227 grams (  1/2 pound) . 

I added the photo with the names so you are able to see what colour is what plant. The shades you receive may be different that what is shown in the photo. You may receive colours that aren't listed.  

If you have any questions please reach out. 

These bundles will be shipped flat. As nice as the bundles tied up are, its keeps shipping costs low to ship as flat as possible.