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Surprise box of fiber reactive dyed scraps

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 Once upon a time, I had big day dreams of sewing a magnificent quilt. Large enough to cover my entire house, wrapping all the humans and animals in hand dyed goodness, stitched together with all of my love. So I saved, filling bin and buckets, with left overs from my sewing. Over the years, I bought bigger buckets to house all these dreamy pieces... but now, my lovely friends, I've run out of space, and I have yet to learn to quilt anything bigger than a coaster..

❤ So its time to let go.. ❤
These fine scraps are all hand dyed with fiber reactive dye. Hemp/organic cotton blend. Some are woven some are jersey.  They range from smaller pieces to quite large.  Since moving over to using only plant dyes, I dont have the need for the dyed yardage.  These scraps have been living in large plastic bins. They will want to be ironed when you get them! 

Choose between woven or jersey or both and ill fill a flat rate box that ships anywhere in Canada for $20 + $19 shipping.   

America!  Shipping is calculated at check out by Canada Post. Please note, Canada Post is nutty with shipping. Im sorry,  Your scraps will be package in teh same sized box. Approx 2 lbs of scraps. 

The flat rate box stuffed full with no fancy-ness is roughly 2 lbs of fabric. That will be slightly different depending on the amount of jersey/woven.    PLEASE note, that I am not packaging these for beauty, I will stuff as many scraps as I can loose into the box. Its the only way to make this worth the very expensive shipping from Canada Post for you. 

LOCAL PICK UP- please email me for options.

INTERNATIONAL - contact me for some options.