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mutli striped coiled rope basket with long handle.  Textile art
red and yellow coiled rope basket purse with long handle
inside of sewn rope fabric basket
close up of coiled rope basket red, yellow, white stripes
handmade foraging basket, coiled rope bag
rope basket holding knitting supplies. Knitting basket bowl.

Plant dyed Rope Basket

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This basket is the perfect size for running out to the garden to pick some greens for dinner! , or take it with you on nature walks for foraging, holding flowers, and other treasures you may happen upon.

Hang on a hook in the bathroom to store toiletries or hand towels,
In the kitchen to hold dish towels, cloth napkins, root vegetables, fruit... so many options for this functional art piece.

Handmade with cotton cord, that I have hand dyed using Madder Root (Rubia tinctoria) which makes one of the most light-fast of natural dyes that has been in use for thousands of years.  I hand dyed all of my rope in small batches, resulting in different shades of colour each time! 
Sewn into shape using, various colours of thread. I wrapped a few stripes of plant dyed hemp fabric throughout the basket and into the handle, adding more colour and texture.

I hand dyed all of my rope in small batches, resulting in different shades of colour each time! Alum is used as a mordant to bind the colour to the fibers, making it more light and wash fast.

8.5 inch base
8 inches tall, (excluding handle)
9 inch diameter at top
21 inch handle.

CARE ~ Can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth and eco friendly soap. Place out of direct sun to dry. 

A note about plant dyes..  Items dyed with plant materials could very well be considered a living dye!  As nature changes with time, so do plant dyes imprinted on fabric.   I do my very best,  after years of experiments, following timeless recipes and  learning from plant dyers before me,  to make my items as light fast and wash fast as possible.  But no matter what anyone can do,  plant dyes may still change over time. Some get darker, some get lighter. Alot of times its so subtle you never really notice.  To me, this is the beauty and draw of dyeing with plants.  there are things you can do to help with the longevity of your plant dyed items.  wash gently, not very often and always store and dry out of direct sunlight!.