Plant Dyed Hemp Fabric Pack #2
Plant Dyed Hemp Fabric Pack #2
Plant Dyed Hemp Fabric Pack #2
Plant Dyed Hemp Fabric Pack #2

Plant Dyed Hemp Fabric Pack #2

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9 pieces of plant dyed hemp/organic cotton medium weight muslin.  

(first 2 photos of the actual fabric pack you will receive)

This little pack of fabric  will include details about each dye plant used and methods used to create the colour!.   

Perfect for all kinds of creating! make small pouches, quilting projects, visible mending,  mixed media, patchwork projects. 

All the fabric has been prewashed, and treated with a mordant to improve wash and light fastness.  ( mordants used with each dye will be included in the package) 

Our dyes are ethically foraged locally from around my home in Guelph , grown in my home garden or purchased from small independent dye producers who follow the same standards.

A note of wild foraging. It is important to be ethical, to take only a little , from one space. Always remember as you gather, that other beings are gathering too, everyone is trying to survive. The general rule is no more than 1/3 of any plant at a certain locale. Never harvest from endangered species ,never gather from the first plant you see in one spot or the last. 


7 pieces of 10 inch x 10 inch squares 

1 piece 10 x 12 madder root dyed

1 piece of 10 x 6 inch  leaf print fabric. 



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