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purple tie dyed meditation pillow, shown on white background.  Buckwheat Zafu
Meditation Pillow
Meditation Pillow
purple tie dyed meditation pillow, Dyed with plants. Shown held up by handle. .
buckwheat hull zafu
Meditation Pillow
A man sitting on his knees with a mediation pillow underneath. In the pose heros pose of virasana.
The back of a woman sitting on a mediation pillow.

Meditation Pillow

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 Handmade and naturally dyed hemp/organic cotton buckwheat hull Zafu Meditation pillow

The fabric used is a hemp and organic cotton blend, that has been hand dyed using Logwood (Haematoxylum campechianum) which makes a beautiful shades of purple.

Stuffed with approx. 5 pounds, of all natural organic buckwheat hulls, which feel firm, while also conforming to your body.

There is a handle on one side for ease of carrying, as well as hiding a wee zipper.
The zipper allows you to adjust the quantities of the hulls so the pillow is perfectly comfortable for you!

Zafus, or meditations pillows are used to gently tilt your tail bone, to allow for a long spine, with less pressure on your lower back while sitting.
Because the buckwheat can be moved around you can also place this pillow on its side and use to sit while on your knees.

Spot clean with a damp cloth when needed, allow to dry. 

need more than a spot clean? 
remove the hulls completely through the zipper under the handle.. Keep the hulls in a large clean bag or box ( to refill use a funnel or a scoop)
Turn the cover inside out to be sure all hulls are removed. Machine wash in cool water and hang to dry out of direct sunlight.

5.5" height
16" diameter

All fabric is hand dyed by myself in small batches using eco friendly plant dyes.

PLEASE NOTE colours look different on different screens. I do my best to have pictures that show the true colour, but shades may be lighter or darker in real life than what is on your screen. >>

made with love, compassion and peace...