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infinity scar wrapped gracefully twice around,. focus is on the cream coloured panel in the middle of the purple scarf.
Infinity Scarf
long leaft print hemp scarf in shades of purple and cream. brown and gold leaf imprints re scattered over the whole scarf
close up of the gold brown maple leaf prints on the purple hemp jersey
scarf laid flat, folded up. Purple with gold leaf prints on either side on a cream coloured panel, with brown maple leaf prints and soft brown tie dye.

Infinity Scarf

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Wrap yourself up in pure Eco goodness!

Made with Hemp/ Organic cotton Jersey, that I had dyed with local leaves and plants.  The process of bundle dyeing is a magical one. Each leaf is laid intentionally, before wrapping up the bundle to place in a dye bath to cook, with other leaves &  bits of nature.  

No two leaves are the same, meaning no two scarves are the same.  Truly one of a kind, limited Edition, designed by nature.

Sewn with sage green thread & the edges left raw to curl. 

Each scarf will come with a little write up of the leaves and dye plants used.


Hemp/ Organic cotton Jersey

purple panel- hemp/organic cotton jersey,  5% spandex


Hand or machine wash gentle, cool water with eco friendly soap.

Hang to dry out of direct sunlight.

Can be tumble dried on low setting