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DIY Eco- Print Kit.

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Everything you need to create one of a kind plant dyed fabric & bandana. 

This kit is a great way to try out eco-printing & using plant dyes.  The step by step instructions are geared to beginners, & include enough variations for those of you who want to experiment deeper!

Eco-printing is the process of using different plant materials & leaves to create permanent patterns & colour on fabric.  

Includes 3 different dye plants, and a modifier that lets you shift the dye colour outcome!

This kit can be used by children, with adult supervision only!

Im happy to answer any questions you have along the way!  Reach out anytime!

Included in the Kit

1 Organic Cotton Bandana approx. 24"square)

1 Piece of Hemp/ Organic cotton muslin ( approx. 19" x 28"  with serged seams)

Each piece of cloth included is scoured & pre-mordanted with Alum Acetate, making it ready for eco- printing 

1 copper pipe for bundling around

Plant Material

  • 20 gram Madder Root,
  • 10 grams Black Tea Leaves,
  • 8 grams Osage Orange Wood Chip  &
  • Dye Modifier ( ½ tsp Ferrous Sulfate- Iron. )

Booklet with colour photos, alongside detailed step by step instructions, optional steps for different outcomes, & a simple leaf & plant material guide, for extra colour outcomes. 

 **  Please note, that the leaf guide is based on trees/plants that grow in and around Southern Ontario, if you are outside this area, you may have the same plants, or I am happy to assist in offering you alternatives based on your area!, Send me a message with any questions!**

What you  will need

1. Pot to use for boiling/ steaming , with a lid & a steam rack.

2. String/ rope/ fabric scraps for tying bundle.

3.  A large container to mix iron water in. Can be saved, so one with a lid.  (lid optional)

4. Gloves

5. Stir sticks for Iron water.

OPTIONAL - Leaves! ( guide included to leaves that print well )

 More Fabric

Want more fabric to experiment on? Click here to add another piece of ready to dye Organic Cotton bandana or Piece of hemp/organic cotton fabric. 

There is enough plant material, and modifier to dye at least another piece, depending on how much or little you use with your original kit.