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Buckwheat Hull Bolster Plant Dyed Hemp
Buckwheat Hull Bolster Plant Dyed Hemp
Buckwheat Hull Bolster Plant Dyed Hemp
inner hemp cushion
Buckwheat Hull Bolster Plant Dyed Hemp
woman in a chest opening backbend on a red bolster with a pillow on her stomach
back of a woman sitting on a red bolster in a side bend, with her arm stretched over toward the right
supported bridge pose on a red bolster
a dark brown dog in the for ground watching a woman sitting cross legged on a red bolster. a large bright window with plants infront in the back ground
Buckwheat Hull Bolster Plant Dyed Hemp

Buckwheat Hull Bolster Plant Dyed Hemp

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One of a kind hemp bolster, filled with organic Canadian buckwheat hulls.  

The fabric used is a hemp and organic cotton canvas, that has been hand dyed using Osage Orange wood chip.  

Osage Orange tree Maclura pomifera  was originally planted to help with wind erosion, the wood was used to build fences and was hard enough for wagon wheels. Osage has overgrown many areas and is being cut down for firewood.  We buy our Osage wood chip from a Canadian Company that has suppliers who rescues these logs and chips them for dye use. 

Bolsters are a perfect compliment to any meditation & yoga practice. Especially useful for restorative practices.

Other ideas for using a bolster

  • higher seat for sitting poses, 
  • supported modified shoulder stand
  • supported bridge pose
  • chest opener / backbend
  • great support for pregnancy poses

The outside canvas cover is removable by a hidden zipper that runs the length of the bolster, and has a  reinforced handle on one end, for ease of carrying.

The inner natural hemp pillow is filled with 10 LBS of organic buckwheat hulls. which offers gentle but firm support.  Also features a small zipper on the top for adjusting of buckwheat hulls to your personal preference . 


Outside cover can be hand washed or machine washed on gentle with a small amount of eco friendly soap.   

Hang out of direct sunlight to dry.


24 inches long

8 inch height

27 inch around