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Buckwheat Hull Bolster CUSTOM

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One of a kind hemp bolster, filled with organic Canadian buckwheat hulls.  


Bolsters are a perfect compliment to any meditation & yoga practice. Especially useful for restorative practices.

Other ideas for using a bolster

  • higher seat for sitting poses, 
  • supported modified shoulder stand
  • supported bridge pose
  • chest opener / backbend
  • great support for pregnancy poses

The outside canvas cover is removable by a hidden zipper that runs the length of the bolster, and has a  reinforced handle on one end, for ease of carrying.

The inner natural hemp pillow is filled with 10 LBS of organic buckwheat hulls. which offers gentle but firm support.  Also features a small zipper on the top for adjusting of buckwheat hulls to your personal preference . 


Choose from the drop down menu

YELLOW - Osage Orange

RED - Madder Root

OLIVE GREEN - Osage & Iron

BROWN - Black Walnuts 


LEAF PRINT ( colours vary and cant be fully controlled)  OUT OF STOCK untill SPRINGTIME leaves show up!

Then choose dye method.. More solid,- Star burst Tie Dye or random tie dye pattern

Have another colour in mind? Please reach out and we can discuss!!!


Plant dyeing is not exact, the shade can change slightly depending on the water, the plant material and other out of my control things.  BUT  this is the beauty of plant dyes. You will receive a One of a kind item, dyed just for you. 


Outside cover can be hand washed or machine washed on gentle with a small amount of eco friendly soap.   

Hang out of direct sunlight to dry.

Inner pillow can be spot cleaned and left out to dry. 


24 inches long

8 inch height