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Yoga has been apart of my life since I was 16 years old. I took my first class with a group of people I considered to be old.. ( now as a 40 year old who sometimes teaches teenagers, I now know no one was old!) ) A seed was planted, and not knowing it at the time, I would come back to yoga, to the breath, throughout my life. In my early 20’s after the birth of my first son, I began a more regular practice, that has grown and continues today.

I am a person in recovery. One of the most used tools in my recovery tool box was and still is yoga and mindfulness.  So much so, that it was the catalyst that brought me to become a yoga teacher so I could share with others who were in recovery. 

 2015 I took the plunge and began studying to become a yoga teacher, 

I completed my 200hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2016, with Carolyn of Maha Pura Yoga in Guelph Ontario. I have completed workshops and training’s geared towards offering accessible and trauma informed practices, accessible functional movement, yoga for anxiety and addictions.

 I am grateful to my teachers, to their teachers and their teachers. Yoga is rooted in South Asian Culture, I am grateful to the South Asian teachers who have shared their cultural practices. 

 I offer group and private yoga and mindfulness classes. Rooted in the belief that yoga is for every body. I offer practices geared towards you, as a human being, where ever you are right now.


Working in group settings offering yoga for addiction recovery, anxiety and general mental well being. Programs include Yoga for 12 step Recovery , Yoga & Mindfulness for youth struggling with anxiety, addictions. Contact me with any questions or to bring a yoga & mindfulness practice to your clients.

Private and Group classes for all ages and abilities. Contact me for private sessions, where I will design a practice specifically for you! or to have me come teach in your condo or building!

Group & Private classes range in price.  I offer sliding scale for both.  Money is not a barrier in practicing with me.  Contact me with questions at  or fill out this contact form


"I met Julia when I organized yoga for our brand new condo.
Our yoga students are of various ages and abilities and I
wondered if this 30 something teacher could relate to a
55 plus crowd. No worries there. Everyone loves this caring,
personable woman. Julia has a wealth of knowledge and
experience. She is a perpetually upbeat individual who makes
the yoga poses fun and varied. Julia is also happy to
tailor the exercises for the individual student. ….
Shoulder injury? Knee replacement? Stiff neck? Speak up
and Julia will have a practical alternative to make you
more comfortable. In my lifetime I have attended various
yoga classes. I can honestly say that Julia’s classes are
the best by far. Yoga at our condo has been going strong
for the past four years. It was a lucky day for our condo
residents when Julia came on board." - Colleen McKee

"I began seeing Julia, who was my first ever yoga instructor,
nearly 3 years ago. And I have been doing yoga daily ever since,
because it has greatly improved my quality of life and
happiness in general. I feel that having her as my first
instructor is also a big reason for my still practicing today.
Julia has the ability to ease her students in to yoga in the
most comfortable of ways, reminding us to go at our own pace,
easing our bodies in at its own comfort level..and number one
rule, laugh...because we will fall over, we will feel like the
awkward newbie..but her warm nature and judgement-free approach
and guidance make any of that discomfort disappear immediately.
I must note that at the time I began with Julia I was just 4
months into sobriety. She, and yoga itself, are a HUGE reason
for my still being clean today, and for being more physically
and mentally fit than I have ever been..I’m 42 btw, so this
is quite a feat! Because once you get rolling a little,
I was surprised to find, yoga is a complete body workout,
not just a little stretch as many of us assume. This is
amazing for the newly sober person (or anyone for that matter),
because it gets the happy chemicals flowing! I most clearly
remember walking into most of those early sessions with Julia
feeling quite anxious and stressed, mentally, physically..but
each time, I could easily notice how much better I felt walking
out..hugely important, as this led to the realization that I
CAN have control of my body, my mind, and in turn, my life...
I can create my own comfort, for the first time in nearly
20 years...and for this I will always be grateful to Julia..
I have told her before, she had a big hand in changing the
direction of my life, and all I had to do was be open to it."
- Tony R.

"Just a few words to mention how I enjoy our yoga classes
every week. Our instructor Julia takes us through our special
requests to help what might be hurting this week. Our classes
consist of , may I say mature women, who still would like to
stay fit. Julia makes our classes fun and yet gives us a great
workout with out to much groaning on our part. " - Teresa

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