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botanical print hemp cosmetic bag
botanical print hemp cosmetic bag
botanical print hemp cosmetic bag
botanical print hemp cosmetic bag
hemp cosmetic pouch

botanical print hemp cosmetic bag

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Eco-dyed hemp/organic cotton zippered pouch, with a hand wrapped cotton tassel.

Perfect for makeup, toiletries, essential oils, anything you need to take along and keep safe.

The fabric is hand printed with a few different varies of Maple leaves, and cherry tree leaves, I collected from around my home in Southern Ontario.

The leaves are kept pressed until the day comes to print with them. Bringing them back to life , soaking in warm water. Scattered over the cloth just as I found them on the ground, bundled around a copper pipe, and left to steam. Here's where the magic happens... or science and chemistry ;)

Fully lined with Cutch (Acacia catechu). dyed hemp. 

Every piece is a unique functional piece of art. 

SIZE  11 inches wide /  8 inches tall / 4 inch bottom.

CARE . Spot Clean, or hand wash cool water. Hang to dry out of direct sunlight. 

 **A note of wild foraging. It is important to be ethical, to take only a few leaves , from one space. Always remember as you gather, that other beings are gathering too, everyone is trying to survive. The general rule is no more than 1/3 of any plant at a certain locale. Never harvest from endangered species and be gentle!**